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npc_mod in edensphere

Law of the Land


Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions that have not been addressed or require further clarification.

Be nice, respectful, and mature. Don't be rude or take things too seriously. No flaming or drama, please. Keep OOC disputes out of IC events.
We prefer that players attempt to resolve issues among each other privately, but please don't be afraid to request moderator intervention with concerns or complaints as they are always willing to help out.
This is an English-speaking community, so for those who are not native English speakers, please try to use your best English. Native English speakers, please be understanding toward the non-native English speakers. For details about exceptions, please refer to this section in the FAQ.
The premise does NOT automatically make this a completely crack community; despite the alternate universe setting, we encourage players to keep characters as IC (in character) as possible unless certain events affect or change him/her. While players are entitled to their own interpretations of a character, slight OOCness (out of character-ness) is natural. However, OOCness beyond reason and common sense is unacceptable.
No god-moding (GMing), which is moving/manipulating someone else's character without his/her agreement or completely disregarding another character's abilities. No meta-gaming, which is making your character know things s/he wouldn't/shouldn't know unless informed in canon or in-game.
Players are not required to participate in the main plot of the game; however, we do request that all players try to stay updated, especially with events that affect Edensphere as a whole, the mod announcements, plot posts, and activity checks posted in the OOC community.
To cut down on loading times, please place large images or embeds under LJ-cuts or simply provide external links.
Players are required to provide a link to an HMD/Contact post in each character's journal when they reply to their acceptance email. When offering crit, please ensure that it is constructive and polite.

This is a multi-fandom or panfandom community; we accept original characters on a case-by-case basis.
The FAQ's Applications 411 section covers detailed info about the characters you can apply for in Edensphere. Canon/fandom applications can be found here, while special applications are locked only to players already in the community.
If you voluntarily drop a character, you will have to reapply for that character during the next application cycle, and the character is available for others to reserve and/or apply for.

Player contact information is locked to the members of edensphere for privacy reasons. Please DON'T share this information with those who are not members.
Feel free to invite players into an OOC chat (preferably called edensphere), but make sure that one or two people save chat logs in case someone has any complaints. Be considerate of other players and keep in mind that there are members who are minors, so be sure to avoid obscene or sexual content.
Harassment comes in many forms, from pushing another player to do something s/he doesn't want to do, to sending unrequested pornographic or otherwise obscene images, videos, and/or websites. DON'T DO IT. Mods and co-mods will take all harassment complaints seriously, from a simple warning to possible removal from the community.

We request that all players do their best to stay active. Mods and co-mods do keep tabs on character activity, which is any ONE of the following:
  • 1 post in the character journal
  • a 10 comment thread in any character's journal
    • As in, 5 comments to and from at least one other character; therefore, the total comments between the two is at least 10.
  • consecutively commenting to at least 5 other character journals
  • active participation in 1 log OR action thread

*While we welcome and encourage players to continue tagging logs, quicklogs and journal posts even outside of a given AC period, the spirit of the activity rules is to promote regular, ongoing CR between characters. As such, only threads within journal entries, logs, or quicklogs made during the relevant activity period can be counted as activity.
There is an activity check posted every two weeks; each check indicates when the next will be posted. The activity check summarizes inactive characters, character adds and drops within the two weeks that have been checked. If a character is inactive for three consecutive activity checks (1 1/2 months), s/he will automatically be removed when the third check is posted.
If you know that you're unable to maintain activity for a certain period of time, please notify us that you'd like to go on a hiatus using this post. That way, the mods and co-mods will not accidentally mark your character(s) inactive during the check. You may also post to the OOC comm to let other players know you will be away.
The maximum amount of time you may take for a hiatus is 3 weeks*, and you receive leeway of 1 more additional week to become active. If you do not become active by the time activity check comes around, your character(s) are marked inactive for 1 month. Your characters will automatically be removed if you remain inactive by the next activity check. This totals 1 1/2 months of inactivity before removal.

Players who have returned from one hiatus must pass one activity check before taking another. This is to prevent any abuse of the hiatus system and to ensure that everyone has a chance to play the characters that they want.

If a player has been marked inactive with one or two stars (2 or 4 weeks) prior to taking their hiatus, then taking a hiatus does not reset the activity - it will, however, ensure that they are not removed and do not receive any further stars for inactivity during the period of their hiatus. If your character(s) are not active by the end of the standard three consecutive activity checks - regardless of any hiatuses taken between them - your character(s) will automatically be removed, and you will have to re-apply if you would like to play that/those character(s) again.

Taking a hiatus that begins partway through an activity check period will not prevent a player being marked inactive if they have not been active in the period before the hiatus begins. Equally, players need to become active before the end of an activity check if their hiatus ends partway through a check period.

Our hiatus process is designed to allow flexibility to players while ensuring that everyone has the chance to play the characters that they want. However, moderation realise that all systems can be abused to the detriment of other players. If we suspect that this is happening, or if a player contacts us with concerns, we reserve the right to investigate and take further action.

*Longer or indefinite hiatuses are granted on a case by case basis by the moderators. Players who are concerned that circumstances might cause them to be away for longer than the usual allowance should contact the moderation team.

We implement the three strikes rule--if a player receives three strikes, s/he will be completely removed from the community. (As of Aug, 16, 2008.)
Please keep in mind that NOT all problems, issues, or concerns count as a strike--these are determined by severity on a case-by-case basis. Even if you do receive a strike, it may not be permanent; the smaller an offense, the less likely it is to remain.
Exceptions to the three strikes rule that may result in immediate removal are: (a) sexual harassment in the form of unrequested pornographic or other obscene images, videos, and/or websites, (b) engaging in smut logs with minors. The aforementioned will result in an adult's immediate removal from the community; a minor engaging in this behavior of his/her own volition will receive only ONE warning and will be immediately removed on his/her repeat offense.
Minors (anyone below age 18) who are caught lying about their age will automatically receive TWO permanent strikes. Mods will NOT allow smut or other questionable interactions with/among minors for their own safety and to protect the community from being shut down.
This community is ADULT het and slash (male/male and female/female) friendly, incest friendly, and what have you. ALL mature, explicit, risque, and highly questionable content must be friends locked. Similarly, if it doesn't start out that way but eventually things change, please make sure to edit your warnings and post security. If we catch such a public post or someone reports it, we will delete it as promptly as possible and give you a warning.

* Revised 1/25/2010 @ 00:01 UTC
Revision 5/31/2008 version here.
Revision 5/10/2008 version here.
Revision 4/14/2008 version here.
Original 1/24/2008 version here.