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npc_mod in edensphere



Edensphere is now officially CLOSED.

This page is being kept up for moderation records; any applications that are sent in will neither be accepted nor processed.

※ Applications
※ Brief Reminders
Before applying...
  • Read the Rules, About Applying and Game Intro FAQs.
  • Check the taken and reserved lists for character availability.
  • Players may only apply for ONE character at a time.
  • From June 28, 2008, and onward, Edensphere only accepts email applications.
Completing and sending your application...
  • Please copy and completely fill out the form below as a plain-text email including HTML tags.
    Details regarding the application's individual sections are outlined below in Content Guidelines.
  • All, if not most, application writing should be your own; please don't paste in references from outside sources.

  • Double check your spelling, grammar, capitalization, and formatting.
    • Moderation knows there are players who don't speak English as a first language and will make allowances for that, but we ask that the application be clear and readable as possible.

  • Indicate 'Edensphere Application' in the subject and send to edensphere@gmail.com.

  • Expect a confirmation email that your application has been received.
    • Contact moderation in the rare event that you haven't received a confirmation email within a week of sending your application; maybe yours did not reach the appropriate filter.
    • When moderation receives the application, it doesn't mean that it can or will immediately be processed.

  • If/when moderation requests clarification or elaboration, it does NOT mean we're rejecting your application! It just means we need more information to understand where your character is coming from.
※ Content Guidelines
This is the rubric that the moderation teams uses when looking over applications. Hopefully this will take care of a lot of questions in advance and help applicants know exactly what we're looking for in each section of the application.

NAME: Whatever you'd like us to call you; doesn't have to be your real name.

LJ: It's recommended that players reserve with personal/player LJs so that we can more easily identify their applications.

AGE: Beyond marking minors in the taken characters and contact list pages, moderation keeps this confidential.

CONTACT: Provide at least ONE METHOD of contact for notifications and potential plotting/interaction.

LOCATION/TIME ZONE: For a general idea of when you might be available for contact.

CURRENT CHARACTERS: If you're an existing player, moderation takes your current activity levels into consideration.

CHARACTER NAME: Who you're applying for.

SERIES: Where the character is from.
  • If the series has divergent storylines, such as Fullmetal Alchemist or Kuroshitsuji, please specify which source material you are taking the character from.

RESERVED: Indicate whether or not you reserved the character. Y/N

WISHLIST: Indicate whether someone else has requested this character via wishlist. Y/N

PERSONALITY: An idea of what your character is like, preferably something more specific than a one-line overview. Edensphere is a memory-loss game, and personality is one thing characters mostly retain, so we recommend you flesh it out.

TIMELINE: Describe what point in the story your character is taken from; please cite the episode or chapter if/when possible.

BACKGROUND: Typically the longest section, this is an overview of the character's canon history. Lengthy play-by-play walkthroughs are discouraged; focus on the character's story and elaborate on life-changing or important events and highlights. Because moderation is not familiar with all fandoms, we appreciate explanations of canon-specific terms.
  • We emphasize that if the character's history can be summarized in a few vague sentences/paragraphs or requires major headcanon/fanon fill-in, s/he might not be substantial enough for a first-time applicant. Current players who find this problem are encouraged to use the AU special application.

ABILITIES: List and describe the character's abilities to the best of your knowledge. What is your character capable of? Does your character have static abilities, immediately available or ready-to-go with a memory jog? Or unlockable abilities dependent on specific items/weaponry and only executable after seriously training or relearning? Do these abilities affect many or few? Are there world-breaking consequences to any of their powers? Be prepared to cite instances when the character demonstrates obscure abilities.

EDENSPHERE NAME: What the character will be called in Edensphere.
  • Moderation discourages using parts of a character's real name or actual identity, even if it's a name s/he hasn't used since once-upon-a-time. Also, please avoid situations involving the guide/greeter naming your character.

BIRTHDAY LOG: Would you like to participate in a birthday log? Please include our key phrase from the Game Intro FAQ before your Y/N reply.

DREAM: Describe the dream your character has upon arrival; this counts as an RP sample of how you'd play your character, 3rd person POV.

JOURNAL SAMPLE: This is a general idea of what your character's first journal entry would be like assuming s/he had a birthday log and is settling in temporary housing. It should be consistent with your character's personality.

ASPIRATIONS: What are you looking forward to? Is there anything you'd like to see happen to/with your character in Edensphere? Moderation would like to know in hopes of helping you reach those goals.
※ Examples
To give potential players a feel for what we're looking for, moderation has linked the following accepted applications (with player permission).Email applications since the Jun 28, 2008 revision can be found here, but the most recent version we use is the Dec 12, 2008 version.