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npc_mod in edensphere



※ How to Use This Post
This post is for everything plot-related in Edensphere. Do you want to request a memory crystal for your character? Would you like to suggest an environment for the Wilderness or a new island for the City Without Walls? This is the post to do such things in!
Please Remember: Not everything plot-related needs to be run past the moderators. For example, you may choose to have your character's house be used as a bird's next pooping target without needing to ask about whether you can or can't here! However, if you would like clarifications or help on such things, never be afraid to ask about it!
Here's how to do it: when commenting to this post, please use one of the subjects from the list below that pertains to your needs:

  • Hiatus Explanations - need help explaining why your character was gone?
  • Memory Crystal Request - do you want your character to find one?
  • Memory Loss Crystal Request - do you want your character to forget something?
  • Dream Dust Request - are you interested in experiencing another resident's birth dream?
  • Large-Scale Plot Suggestion - planning something that will affect/involve lots of characters? make it an official event!
  • Random Wilderness Event - want something cool to happen to your character in the Wildernees?
  • Random City W/O Walls Event - want something cool to happen to your character in the tree?
  • Random S's Yard Event - want something cool to happen to your character in the junkyard?
  • Remembering Abilities/Powers - questions on plots that will help characters remember their abilities?
  • Event Suggestion - is there an event you could like to see played out in Edensphere?
  • Island Suggestion - is there a new island you would like to add to the map?
  • New Job Suggestion - is your character's dream job not on the employment list?
  • S's Yard Clarification - unsure as to whether you can find a certain item in the junkyard or not?
  • Wilderness Suggestion - do you have an idea for a new environment for the Wilderness?
  • Other - does your question not correspond to anything on the list? feel free to ask anyway!

In the body of your comments, feel free to tell us your plans or preferences, your suggestions and thoughts--we're always happy to help!

It is not required you use this post, but it is preferred--especially when suggesting things. If you feel uncomfortable asking on this post or would like to speak to a moderator personally, feel free to throw anyone from moderation a line.



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Ok, I hads a questioning about the shiny new FAQ, pertaining to the memory crystal experiments.

When someone freezes it and the crystal does the expansion thing, how long does the sleep last? I'm assuming it lasts the 36 hours the crystal is big and wears off after the crystal shrinks, but I just wanted to check.

And when someone boils a crystal resulting in flash-blinding everyone in the area, how long does the blindness last? Until the memory is over, or until the three days of radioactivity-weirdness passes?

Re: Other

I believe it lasts 36 hours yes.

Good question! The blindness fades slowly over the next three days and is completely gone by the end of it.


I have some questions about Edensphere's bird life! It's... sort of retroactive since Cara has had a bluebird friend for a while now, but since I'm planning a log in the near distant future where she actually talks to someone about it, I should. probably find out for sure. And since Cara is a speshul goddamn snowflake able to talk to animals, these things might come up.

1. Do Edensphere's gigantor birds winter over in the Sphere, or do they go elsewhere until spring?
2. Do they ever fly in and out of the hole in the top?
3. Do they have nests and raise families? Also, do they get old and die in the Sphere?

If the answers to any of these questions don't line up with what birds actually do, I don't think it'd become meta because the bird is... a bird and doesn't have the mental capacity to wonder about the weirdness or answer any questions about it, but it's certainly something for the hoominz to wonder about.


Sorry for the delay, a few of us had to discuss this. ^_^

1) Yes the massive birds migrate like real birds do. However--

2) Nobody knows where they go. They don't appear to come in and out of the top but on the other hand they're not here in the winter. /shrugs

3) There may be evidence of nests but no they do not have families and they do not grow old and die.

I hope that helps! You can contact me directly for more info, it'll probably be faster.


So, what dangers and sights might there be if Rogue came too close to the top of the glass?

Re: Other


First, you may want to watch this log as Kurayami and Apple are about to discover just how dangerous it is at the top.

The higher Rogue gets to the top of the tree, the greater the chance he will have of being attacked by giant birds, squirrels and bugs. You need special mod permission to breach the very top of the sphere. As stated in our FAQ: "the result may severely damage your character's mental state afterward via a fourth wall breaking revelation". The chances of character death are high. But if this is something you wish to explore, please feel free to contact a mod directly.


So what with one thing or another, Handmaiden is going to try and get some Sphere infos in a place other than the Library--because let's face it, spending an afternoon doing research there is like an afternoon of reading Youtube comments. With glitter.

I was thinking of having her go to the Post Office, as it's not difficult to reach and so far not a whole lot has been done there. Is there anything special or interesting she could find besides the stuff listed on the World Map page?

Re: Other

Handmaiden will get the impression that someone had just left- she'll see a box of markers and colored pens on a desk, with a few tubes of glitter-glue. Written on the chalkboard in rainbow chalk are the words "Ding-dong, the witch is dead!", and above the word "witch" is a frowny-face in white chalk. There are various smudges on the board, all obliterating drawings and writing- the two that are still partially legible are the latters "A--le -eas-o-!" and "2+2=???".

She will also find a hairclip with Hello Kitty on it on the floor, next to the desk.


I've been thinking about having Asuka try and break through the sphere, from the top I mean. You guys okay with it, and umm... What kind of back-fire exactly will she get?

Thanks in advanced!

Re: Other.

Hey, Susan here!

Should Asuka decide to make a go for the top of the sphere, you should know in advance that there really is no top of the sphere, as mentioned in our World-Map FAQ. The top of the glass is cut-away for the tree to grow through, providing an opening without requiring characters to try and break the glass! If you would like Asuka to try and break the glass, just let us know and we can discuss that!

Assuming Asuka will jump/shunpo/whatever it is shinigami do up the tree branches, she will meet resistance along the way, most notably in the form of giant blue-jays defending their nest and trying to make a meal out of Asuka for their babies. Asuka can escape, but if she reaches the top she will be killed, requiring a three-day waiting period before rebirth, a loss, and a new birth dream to be written.

So which one are you looking to do, so we can work out the details?


In a journal conversation, Huo, Stellaris and Hawk came up with a plan to go explore the unnamed island a.k.a Frost Mountain. When they do, what would they find there, if any?

Re: Other

Frost Mountain-

If the group advances to the door of the lighthouse, they will find that a thick sheet of ice has crystallized over the doors. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but the ice is currently impenetrable and any attempts to chip away or melt it will not be successful.

Should they venture to the caves they will find seven openings in the side of the mountain, all irregular and ranging from small enough to only accommodate a child to twice the height of a grown man (if still narrow). Once they enter the cave, our intrepid explorers will find that they can no longer find the entrance they came through. The only way is forward. After venturing for a while they may think that they start to... hear things. It starts faint as a whispering wind then becomes discernible as voices. It's hard to tell what the voices are saying, and each person will hear a different one. But one thing is for sure, the voice each person hears is familiar and among the indeterminable murmurs and snatches of words they can't quite make out, the explorers can hear their names being called.

Following the voices will lead them to a seeming dead end in the cavernous tunnel. On the surface of the flat wall the three will see ancient-looking letters carved into the stone which say the following:

The entrance was free, to exit has a cost.
Answer the riddle and no more will you be lost.

"What has roots as nobody sees,
Is taller than trees
Up, up it goes,
And yet never grows?"

A correct answer will land the explorers in the heart of the Dojo on Melee Island. And there may even be a surprise waiting for them.

Memory Crystal Request

It's been too long. Again. ORZ I'm terrible about this.

Re: Memory Crystal Request

Aim will find a brown and tan stuffed teddy bear sitting on his bed one evening, with a pink ribbon and memory crystal tied to its neck. The senses are sight/touch. When he comes to, he'll find that his bedroom, nay, his whole home, is filled with stuffed toys. Good luck wading through them to get out of your place!

The majority of the stuffed toys will vanish after a week, but he might notice that a few have stuck around (which ones are up to you).

Remembering Abilities/Powers

While Smoke is blind I'd like for him to do two things. One is figure out just how much he can control his chain beyond normal physics, i.e. he can't see so he can't gauge distance, but he can at least avoid hitting himself for now. Still can't hit for beans while blind, but a taste for the 'impossible' things he can do with his chain if he actually puts his mind to it.

The other thing is that between being blind and his memory (wherein a whole lot of powerful auras were flying around), I'd like him to work on sensing those auras beyond what I've been giving him (which is like a 3' radius and only in battle when he's concentrating). I'd like for him to ask Kagerou about it specifically, since he saw her talking about it to Koi when he became Old Man Yama. He thinks it's a form of sight (not quite accurate, I realize) and thus a way to help counteract the blindness in some small way. When the blindness goes away, I'd still like for him to continue down this path of trying to get better at it - very slowly - since it would also be very useful in his job as a Guard.

Re: Remembering Abilities/Powers

As discussed via IM, Smoke can begin slowly sensing spiritual energy, as well as learning to manipulate his weapon! Thanks for asking!

Wilderness Suggestion

Welcome to

Population: 99 mannequins, all dressed in the same two outfits. They're more realistic than usual, with analogues to skin, facial expressions, and speech - though not much of the last.
As Well As: twenty-foot-tall steampunk stilt-spiders that move as if animated by stop motion; grass that screams when cut or mowed; shadows that move (and, in the case of the people, express emotion) independently of the objects that cast them; a tall man in a black cloak and hat who is only ever seen at a distance; and one Creepy Doll (porcelain, female, brunette) found in the village's one empty house.

Nothing, from facial expressions to the horizon line, looks right - or sounds, feels, smells, tastes quite right.

Re: Wilderness Suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion! We'll keep it in mind for the future.

Memory Crystal Request

For Peachblossom. I'd like to start calling her Mindelan - not just yet, since I've only just given Juhani her name back, but in the forseeable future.

There are two memories that would work well here. Both need sound; one would work better with sight too, the other would be best with touch.

Re: Memory Crystal Request

Upon returning home one day, Peachblossom will find her home has been tangled with strings! Strings and yarn are looped around all of the fixtures, running from one end of her home to the other, and all tangled together. Successfully navigating the strings will lead her to a memory crystal at the end of one of the balls of yarn. The senses are Sound/Sight.

After the memory has finished, she will find that all of her socks have been switched out for pink striped toe-socks. After a week, her normal socks will return.
Question, modthings!

Huo is doing a little overcomplicated experiment with Stellaris re: real names and being able to see them. He's going to be leaving a note for her, written on non-journal paper, with all the real names he's been able to gather from his poking around - Yachiru, Simon, Jihuna, Krile, and most importantly Lockon. The idea is to see 1) if she can read Lockon's name when it's on normal paper and without any context to it, and 2) if there are any other names that she has trouble reading.

I'm expecting she won't be able to read it, but figured I should ask just in case!
The only thing that would be blocked from someone in this way would be canon information (or, in cases like Simon's, memories of their time in the Sphere that have been wiped) and it's up to Stellaris-mun's discretion how much that one canon name is kept from her. But traditionally, writing on spare paper is really no different than writing on journal paper in this instance, just as people often have names that are blocked visually also have them blocked audibly.
Hello! Wondering if it would be alright for Snake to find his zanpakutou in the Scavenger Yard via Aniki. He doesn't know it's name, so it would only be like a regular sword for quite a long while. But I really wanted to run it by you guys first.
Sure thing. Snake can find his Zanpakutou, however he'll notice that it is rusty and nicked in several places.

Event suggestions

Edensphere: Rainforest Edition!
The tree and all its inhabiting fauna are converted into much more colorful and exotic counterparts. Macaws, toucans, and rainbow-colored songbirds dwell in the higher branches, while tree frogs inhabit giant bromeliads. Was that a marmoset hopping around? What other creatures could be lurking in there?

Animal powers!
We've all heard figures of speech attributing animal characteristics to humans. Say someone is strong like an ox, or has eyes like an eagle. Residents of the sphere are blessed (or cursed) with one animal ability, be it strength, speed, vision, smell, or what have you.

Re: Event suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions! We'll keep them in mind for future events.

Remembering Abilities/Powers // Hiatus Explanation

I'm being a responsible person and asking this well in advance! So, this would actually only come to play in October, when I have to take a week off ES due to a trip.

I'm still working out the kinks from the plan, but my basic idea and questions would look something like this:

Might I have a player-initiated death for Kagerou as a hiatus explanation? (Hawk is most likely to just be on autopilot, he can miss a week, nah. I'm terrible like that.) I'm still working out the exact circumstances of that, but in relation to them I have another question: Could I tie an ability recovery into her death? Basically, have her physically threatened and react with a shield technique, but due to her not really knowing what to do, have the encounter end in her death?

I already know what she'd lose in coming back, so yes, I do remember player-initiated deaths have a price. :) But would this sound all right? I will be back with more details if the basic outline is acceptable.


Yes, this sounds perfectly acceptable. More details would be great!

Remembering Abilities/Powers

...Can you tell today is my "oh, let's organise ES plot points!" day?

Anyway. I know I haven't had Hawk here for very long yet, but could I start him on the path of recovering some of his abilities? Namely, the first step to that would be that he learns to manifest his dragon gem, which is the funky soul-orb inside his body he needs to tug out to even use his abilities. Canon says even learning basic control of producing and putting back the gem takes months, so.

He was pinged by Krile's dragon form something fierce during the body switch, and now she keeps giving him pings by talking about her changing of shapes. In addition, he's recently had a memory where he saw a gem emerge from a dying friend's body, so the concept has been introduced. Would this be enough to get him started?


I don't know his canon, but that sounds like a perfectly reasonable set of circumstances for him to figure out he can DO SOMETHING and that its to do with the gem he saw in his memory.

Figuring out HOW to do it is another order of difficult entirely. If you need any help working out something to prompt it, let us know.
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