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edensphere's Journal

Edensphere RPG Community
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An AU multi-fandom RPG community...
A dream. A strange dream.

Somehow, you can tell that this dream is a premonition--a warning--but does it speak of things to come or things long past? You don't know; you can't tell. But this dream is important. You're sure of that much.

When the dream fades, your eyes open. Liquid--thick and syrupy--surrounds you, yet you're not panicking: for whatever reason, you can breathe. You're in some sort of sphere, and as you reach out to touch the walls, they are soft and crumbly and begin to come apart...

Hello. You've just been born. Welcome to Edensphere.

Just born? But I'm already... Can't remember your age, right? It's okay--everyone's like that here. You'll find that you can't remember your name or your family, your hometown or... anything, really. But don't worry: we'll help you. You're safe here. There's only one thing you should remember: your dream. The one you had in your cocoon. That will be your one true guide in Edensphere, so hold onto it tightly and never forget it.

Now, tell me more about your dream, and from it, we'll decide your new name for your new life.
Edensphere is a largely free game. Will your character work hard to make a living in the mysterious land of Edensphere? Will they strive to remember their lost pasts? Or attempt to force their escape? Will your character find love, or will they go insane? We'll see. Is Edensphere a pit stop for those who need a time out? Is it where one goes after death? Who really knows? Will your character try to find out? It's all up to you.
Edensphere is now officially CLOSED. Any applications that are recieved will neither be accepted nor processed. However, the game's pages and log community will be left up for perusal.

There are mirrors of the main, log and OOC communities on Dreamwidth here: [community profile] edensphere, [community profile] edensphere_log, [community profile] edensphere_ooc.

If you are curious to read about Edensphere's backstory, these posts contain all of the relevant metaplot information!

Thank you to all of our players, past and present, for playing and making Edensphere what it is.
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